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    A PAC T-39 Bogatyr as seen in the opening sequence of the game

    Battlefield 2142 includes five gameplay modes, Conquest , Titan , No Vehicle , Assault Lines , Co-Op ,the latter of which can only be played online in multiplayer maps. Both modes support varying numbers of players, up to 64, depending upon the server a player chooses to join online. The single player mode consists of a maximum of 16 players, which includes 15 AI bots.


    Battlefield 2142 features four different playable kits. Each kit has different weapons and equipment that can only be used when you choose the specified kit. Each kit contains a basic weapon, secondary weapon, and knife. To increase your options you must gain rank and get unlocks which you can use either to support your teammates or to help in any way possible. Battlefield 2142 now has customization so you can now use more unlocks using the one kit which makes it more effective. Each class has two unlockable weapons and one passive unlock which upgrades the soldier's helmet, each helmet upgrade having different functions. The benefits of one soldier's helmet upgrade will also be shared with his or her squadmates.

    * Assault: The Assault and Medic classes from Battlefield 2 are combined as the Assault kit in Battlefield 2142. The main weapons are assault rifles with unlockable rocket or shotgun add-ons. Other unlocks include advanced first-aid kits which can be deployed to restore the health of anyone standing close to it, smoke grenades for screening, and a defibrillator for reviving fallen comrades. The Assault kit's helmet upgrade allows soldiers to determine what type of kit the enemy soldier is using, and assigns the appropriate icon above the "enemy spotted" marker.
    * Recon: The Sniper and Special Forces classes from Battlefield 2 are combined as the Recon kit in Battlefield 2142. The main weapons are sniper rifles, while there is also an unlockable carbine for close-range encounters. This class can unlock a variety of explosives, including APMs and remote-detonated RDX charges, both of which can kill infantry upon detonation, and the latter can also be used for destroying enemy vehicles and assests. Another unlockable item is the Active Camo system, which makes the user mostly invisible to other soldiers. The Recon kit's helmet upgrade increases the time the "enemy spotted" marker stays on the HUD.
    * Engineer: The Anti-Tank and Engineer classes from Battlefield 2 are combined as the Engineer kit in Battlefield 2142. The default weapon for this class is a directable anti-vehicle rocket launcher. Other unlockable main weapons include a high-velocity anti-tank rifle lacking guidance systems and an anti-air missile launcher with guidance systems. The equipment unlocks include motion-sensitive anti-vehicle mines, a vehicle repair kit, and a defusing device for enemy explosives. While the other classes carry a pistol as their sidearm, the Engineer class has a submachine gun to compensate for its lack of an anti-infantry weapon. The Engineer's helmet upgrade works similarly to the Assault kit's, but identifies and assigns icons for vehicles instead of infantry.
    * Support: The Support class from Battlefield 2 remains fairly unchanged for the Support kit in Battlefield 2142. The default weapon is a light machine gun. Unlike other weapons, this machine gun becomes more accurate the longer you fire it. Other unlockable main weapons are a heavy machine gun and a shotgun. The equipment for this class includes ammunition hubs, deployable sentry guns, a sonar device to locate enemy infantry, EMP grenades, and individual deployable energy shields. The Support kit's helmet upgrade passively spots any enemy within a certain range that starts using the Active Camo. The cloaked enemy's marker will appear on both the HUD and the mini-map, and both will track as long as the enemy is within the Support's line of sight.

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